Dixie Belle Boss Base Coat

Dixie Belle Boss Base Coat

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Boss...After you have cleaned your item with the White Lighting Cleaner then you would apply Boss as the base coat, sometimes you will need to apply 2 coats. You will want to use the Boss White on darker furniture, so no bleeding comes through and turns your white paint pink and the Boss Clear on lighter furniture.

BOSS is a water based odor and stain blocker. It tackles tough stains including bleed thru, smoke, nicotine, felt tip marker, tannins and more. BOSS also seals smoke odors.

Surface Prep

Surface must be free of dust, grease, wax, peeling paint, mold and mildew. Clean first with Dixie Belle White Lightning, rinse and allow to dry. Glossy surfaces; scuff sand the surface thoroughly.

Dry Time

@ 77°F, 50% Relative Humidity

​To Touch: 30 minutes

​To Paint: 1 hour

Clean Up

Soap and warm water

General Info

Best use in temperatures between 50° and 90° F

Warning! Harmful if swallowed; if swallowed rinse mouth and get medical attention if you feel unwell. If in eyes; rinse with water for several minutes and remove contacts.

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