Dixie Belle Swamp Mud

Dixie Belle Swamp Mud

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Mud...Use Dixie Mud to fill in veneer, gouges, scrapes or even holes. Use to make a raised stencil embellishment to your piece. After Dixie Belle Paint has dried, place a stencil over your project and secure it adhesive or painters tape. Using your Mud spatula, spread the Mud over the stencil. Simply scrapes any excess back into the jar. Now, Gently remove your stencil and you are left with an embellishment! Spread Mud over a flat surface and use stamps, leaves or even some burlap to create other interesting elements. NEVER, Never rinse the Mud down the drain, clean utensils with baby wipes and throw away.


First if you are wanting to emboss, place a stencil where you want. You could tack it down with some double sided tape. Then use a spatula (Dixie Belle will be selling these shortly) and spread the mud to desired thickness. Then lift the stencil carefully. The effect will be a three dimensional look. You can let it dry naturally or use a blow dryer/heat gun to speed up the process. If you use heat it will crackle a bit which adds a different look and is still fun!

You can also use swamp mud on a flat surface. Spread out with your spatula and then use leaves, stamps etc to make designs.

Here is a pix of what we did from the workshop...the swamp mud comes in white, black, brown.

Clean stencils and spatula with baby wipes. DO NOT RINSE DOWN THE DRAIN....

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